Following its first presentations back in 2012, the now highly praised Vocaloid Opera "The End" will be performed in Hamburg and in Aarhus this August.

After being performed in big festivals in Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Paris, and Amsterdam, it quickly became a hot topic in Europe. "The End" was the first opera featuring a virtual character, 3DCG animations and fully synthetic music.

This opera was the first Vocaloid opera production in the world involving the best creators in each fields. The music was written by Keiichirou Shibuya, the video footage by YKBK, and, the sound effects by Evala. "The End" was an opera experimenting new ways of dealling with the dramatic structure of a traditional opera while Miku Hatsune longs for death. Miku Hatsune mutters this like "What is Death?" or "What is the End?".

The show will be a main performance at the Summer Festival of Hamburg - a festival known to present various novelties - with three presentations from August 18th to 20th. Then the show will move to Denmark at the Aahus Festuge for a single performance at the opening gala of the festival on August 26th.

For more information on the events you can visit the website of the International Summer Festival of Hamburg and the Aahus Festuge

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