VocalVideo is a new micro-blogging platform mixing a social network and a multimedia sharing platform for the WorldWide Vocaloid Community. It seeks to join together the different services already available. VocalVideo is a contraction of "Vocaloid Video".

Meet Marie-chan

Our Inspiration

VocalVideo has been inspired by the various services already available out there. They are all useful but keep the community extremely fragmented. We want to re-introduce the best features of all the services used by the community and merge them together in one place. We have been inspired by the enthusiasm of the fans and by the passion and the creativity of the content creators.

Our Motivation

Our goal is to bring back together the Vocaloid Community by getting both the Japanese and the Western communities to commit to VocalVideo. Our objective is to get music producers, musicians, singers, illustrators, dancers, as well as fans from everywhere to join in the same platform.

The Platform

VocalVideo is designed for all the members of the community. The platform makes it easy for fans to follow their favorite content creators and converse with them, but it also gives the power to content creators to publish a wide array of content types and organize their work.


VocalVideo is built around the idea the community should be able to impact on the project. It is built by the community for the community. VocalVideo is always searching for various talents to complete its team. If you think your talents and your talents can help the project, consider volunteer to VocalVideo.

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