Maintenance Notice on July 22nd **Delayed**

Tommy Teasdale

 July 17th 2016

We are proud to announce that the new version of the website will arrive this week but this also means there's an important maintenance period planned this Friday.

We are planning an important maintenance period on the website for Friday, July 22nd, from 2PM EDT (6PM GMT) through 8PM (12AM GMT). During the maintenance, the website will be completely unavailable as we need to work on breaking parts of the database and we need to install the new system.

The new system will introduce some feature changes. It will become impossible to edit or delete your comments yourself. We will also add a contact link feature to the profile. However, due to a large amount of new content, we were not able to complete the Japanese translation on time. As a result, we will temporarily remove the Japanese translation until it is complete. We prefer to wait instead of offering an unfinished translation.

Please take note that all the passwords will be invalidated during the installation of the new system. You will need to add an email address to your account before the maintenance begins in order to recover your password later.


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