As an attempt to make the website more appealing and increase engagement we decided to introduce a mascot at key points of the experience. We'd like to introduce you to Marie-chan.

Character Presentation

Marie-chan is a 16 years old girl. She is currently in the second year of High School. Her dad is Canadian and her mom is Japanese. Because of her father's job, she lived most of her life in Canada learning French and English. Marie-chan recently moved back to Japan to complete her study there.

Marie-chan in her school uniform (center) and dressed as Rin Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, GUMI, and Teto

Marie-chan is a great fan of Vocaloid. Her favorite activity is to dress up as vocaloids. Her favorite vocaloids are Miku Hatsune, GUMI, and Teto Kasane. Even though the last one is not a proper vocaloid, she likes the way Teto's hair are arranged.

Character Profile

Full Name Marie Nomura (乃村マリー)
Gender Female
Birthday February 23rd
Age 16
Grade 2nd Year High School (高校二年生)
Blood Type A
Height Average
Weight Average
Hobby Reading Yaoi, Cosplay
Favorite Food Takoyaki
Disliked Food Natto, Radish

Character Purpose

Marie-chan's role on VocalVideo will be to help the user. She will be present on the support/FAQ section, in the registration process and in some other key parts of the VocalVideo experience in the future. And of course, she will appear on the homepage of the website.

Capture of the homepage with Marie-chan dressed as Miku-chan


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