The "Thank You" Update is the second major update since the begin of the year.

The "Thank You" Update is the second major update since the begin of the year. Hopefully, this update has not yet known issues like the previous one in January where we had to close the website for a few days because the issue was really deep into the system. The current update is also twice as big has the previous one and adds two major features to the system: a Blog, the opening of User Registration. Other features were added or fixed with the update:

  • Elements Hues;
  • A menu bar;
  • Text Editors;
  • Home Page layout;
  • Various issues in our Data Access Layer;
  • Translations;
  • Image Management Tool.


This is the main feature of the update. But it only represent the part of the blog. The current version includes articles, categories, featured articles and an archive. Comments to articles and search are still to be done. Nevertheless, the current version feels complete and fast. Comments are due in a week or two.

User Registration

It was first meant to allow you to comment our articles but we had to push the release of them later. Still, it is the first step toward for more features. All you need to do to register is to follow the Register link on the home page and choose a user name and a password. It is not yet mandatory to provide an email address during registration but we highly recommend anyone to include one.

The remaining is up to you to discover.


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