> Sorry this is even later than I thought.

Sorry this is even later than I thought. I announced the update for last week but I felt sick at the most unfortunate time so the update had to be delayed. At least, it has arrived. Sorry for the delay.

Update Details

A few weeks ago we pushed a blog stating we were to add comments soon to the article and this is done. This is now possible to leave comments to the articles on this blog. The new feature comes with another important addition : Terms & Conditions.

We know that a rule free community is bound to live with great moderation issues. Users may publish comments that may psychologically hurt someone or break some laws – that's why we needed to write some rules. The current set of rules is going to change and grow fast as we are going to add new features. Terms and Conditions are located at this address: http://vocalvideo.net/about/terms.

Meanwhile, we made other improvements in our processes and optimization of our content. Our current Page Speed performance grade is of 98% and our current YSlow performance is of 92%. Both results are higher than average. The performance report is available there: http://vocalvideo.net/docs/GTmetrix-report-vocalvideo.net-20150422T172059-OBxAJQ5V.pdf.

Next Step

Now we are done with our communication platform, having a blog, a newsletter, a presence on some social medias and already having some fans, we are going to begin the development of the social networking platform. As the scope of the project changed drastically lately any of our older prototypes might not be relevant and we'll have to rethink everything from scratch. It's also our first time at doing something like that. At least, we are not alone as you are going to help us by providing us your opinion on the decisions we are going to display on this blog. More informations are coming on another article.


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