Introduction to DinkleBot - Kitaï's Lastest Creation

Tommy Teasdale

 April 24th 2015

Are you playing Destiny, a game in which you kill enemies in the hope to receive the best gear? This website might be interesting for you.

A fellow Kitaï programmer released earlier this week his own tool to track and display the progression of ones guardians:

The tool offers a wide range of statistics for every game modes, an overview of your equipment, a list of crucible medals and more. What I think is the best on Dinklebot is the level of details on the equipment list. Each pieces of equipment comes with a card displaying its perks, its stats and whether if tis fully upgraded.

The following is from the release note on reddit:

"That's the website that I did in my free time, and that I desperately wanted to show to other players like you. It's not the best, I know it could benefit many improvements, but I love working on it, and I'm always open to suggestions.

My website is entirely mobile-friendly (giving your screen is at least 320px large, which it should be), and is currently translated in four languages: English, French, German and Japanese. Sorry if some translations may look off, as I had to do some translating myself in languages I'm not fluent with. That's also why I haven't done the translation for Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. It may come in the future though.

There is probably a lot to come, like optional 3D previews (delayed loading, on the click of a button), better gear suggestions, more achievements for end game players (plus the original ones, if possible), and much more. Like I said, I'm open to suggestions and criticism, and if you're willing to help me, I'm willing to listen to you and improve my website that way."


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